“After Breath” is a solution that buries cremated remains of a departed pet animal in a sculptural tabletop installation, which also performs as a container for living plants. The installation express a metaphor of life transforming through both the grow of plants and the shape of a whale.

Pets have been treated as close as family members. They deserve proper funerals, but not in the conventional way that consumes the already insufficient and resources. Adding value does not necessarily means more consumption.

• A container that preserve the cremated remains of the departed animal is also a sculpture.

• Growing plants out of the container symbols that the dead are transforming into a new life.

• The container and the plant shall be integrated into one form that expresses meanings.
Form Exploring

The forms shifted from abstract to realistic, because as an object in memory of a dead, a figure of an animal can carry more meanings.

Crafted chisel marks were exposed deliberately. The imperfectness visualized the investment of craftsmanship.

• In the context, the pet has past, and will never be back again. A giant fish (technically not though) that lives in almost another world far from us is a metaphor of passing away.

• There is an ancient Chinese allegory saying that a giant fish travels thousands of miles which is beyond the imagination of little creatures. Giant fish is an metaphorical imagery that refers to the comparing of the maximum and the minimum, and further, the life and death.

• When a whale dies and falls into deep sea, it will become a complex ecosystem that gives life to many organisms. In this sense, a whale is creating new life.

• And obviously, when the plant sprouts from the whale, it resembles this animal spouting water when it is breathing. This action combines the container and the plant as a whole.

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